An Open Letter to Justin Bieber

Dear Justin,

My sister, niece, daughter and I all came to Cleveland on Tuesday to watch you perform.  This was the 3rd time we’ve seen you in concert.  It was a great show even with the screaming girls behind us, but I wanted to tell you how I saw you on Tuesday.  I saw you in three different ways.

First, was that of a woman.  You see even though I just turned 40 a few months back, in my heart and mind, I’m still a 20 year girl.  I kept thinking how stinking cute you were!  And the Calvin Klein ad....holy smokes!  What a way to make the heart of every girl there flutter before you came out.

Second, was that of a photographer.  Although I am by day a legal secretary I am also a photographer.  I kept thinking to myself how I would love to photograph your beautiful face!  Being at your concert made me want to be an event photographer at the Q!  Lights blazing,
smoke circulating and your beautiful face all over the stage.  What photographer wouldn’t want to shoot that, right?

Lastly, I thought of you in form of a Mother.  If I may be honest, you looked so sad. For some reason I couldn’t shake the overwhelming feeling of sadness I got from you.  I waited and waited for you to smile.  You smiled at the end of the concert; that smile said to me “thank God that’s over”.  I thought about you the whole hour drive home.  My son, who is 10, kept coming to my mind as well and I said to myself I don’t want my son to be like you.  I don’t know you, Justin. I could google you all day long and still not know you.  But as a mother, I am hoping you livedyour childhood.  I kept wondering if you enjoyed what my son will come to enjoy in a few years.  Those Friday night football games, that wonderful smell of popcorn a half mile from the field.  Those Friday and Saturday night basketball games, dressing in a theme and seeing which student section rocked it best.  Storming a basketball court on a game winning buzzer shot.  Getting that first text from a girl you thought was hot but was too shy to say a word to.   Having to pose for picture upon picture on homecoming night, but having the time of your life because you were with your best friends.  Hanging out with your friends after a sporting event at your local pizza joint.  Holding hands with your girlfriend and just waiting for the right time to sneak in a kiss. Getting grounded for missing curfew. Having a hang over and hoping to God your mother couldn’t tell.  Camp fires and s’mores.  Fishing while
watching the sun set. Toilet papering your friends house.  

Your life has been a life of fame, but did you live it?

Your Purpose album is on reflection, right?  Living your dream and having finally found your true purpose and way in life.  Your life is stardom, a big dream for many. For me,  I can’t think I would want to live it myself or want my son to live it.  Financial security only goes a short way.  As much as we all dream to be you, I think I will keep dreaming to live my simplistic, modest little life to the fullest, in the small town where I live it. May yours be equally as happy and fulfilling, Justin.

I remain sincerely yours,