Happy New Year!

May 2016 be your year to shine, be happy and prosper in anything you do !

I was very blessedin 2015 not only with my personal life but in my photography as well.  2016 is a new year with new ideas and a fresh mind.  It is my hope to begin incorporating small video to my photography collection and finally do a bit more personal photography just for me.    

We all have resolutions, right? I know in the past I've made resolutions that were just plain unrealistic.  Who wants to set themselves up for failure before the year has even begun?    My resolutions for 2016 are to give more and take less.....I want to recycle more and waste less.....I want to be a better person, wife and mother.  I want to save more and spend less and have a better relationship with God.  I feel I have suffered slightly with everything I've written above. A plan is in action and now all I have to do it follow it. I shall do it as 2016 is my year to shine :)  May yours be as equally blessed!