My weekend through pictures :)

We made a quick trip to Portsmouth this weekend to visit Alex. Unfortunately the weather hasn't been any more favorable there than it has been here.  Her games for this past weekend were cancelled and we thought it would be fun to just go and have a nice visit.  The weather on the way there was beautiful and clear; the sun absolutely brilliant . The way home, we were under a Winder Storm Watch giving  us freezing rain in Portsmouth and yet more snow on the way home.  Downtown Portsmouth really is a beautiful area situated right on the Ohio River.  We didn't make it over to the Kentucky side but with her upcoming schedule in the next few months we will for sure make it over and view the area.  I'm trying to look at things with a different eye; new signage, different street lamps and maybe an odd color door....anything usual or unusual.   I'm hoping to do this throughout the several trips we will make to watch her play softball.   Maybe next time I will be able to photograph Alex, too!